It is with some sadness that I announce the closure of my Eastside office practice after 23 years, effective Oct. 1, 2017.  My wife & I will be selling our home & moving out of state.
We will make every effort to facilitate the best transition possible. As you come in for your next appointment we can discuss your specifics & our office will provide you with possible contact numbers.
After relocating I will be setting up consultation availability by telemedicine. (The details will be available on my website as they are ironed out) & I will retain the same phone numbers for the foreseeable future.  For those who are stable enough to be managed by their primary care doctor, if needed, I expect to be available for telemedicine consultation. For those who will be followed by another psychiatrist, should a “second opinion” be desired, I expect to be available.
We will do our best to provide records to your new provider in a timely manner. If we experience a large volume of requests, I will try to send the most pertinent records first, with the rest as needed.
It has been an honor & privilege to serve so many patients over the years who struggle with psychiatric disease. I’ve learned much from them & owe my skills partly to them. Witnessing the improvement in life trajectories with the application of skilled medication management has been especially gratifying.
Addendum Sept 22, 2017 2pm:
We are now closed for clinical practice and putting files in boxes. All active patients should have a transition plan in place and plenty of medications. All records will go with me but will be difficult to access for the next 2 months.
As it turns out, very few of my patients were straightforward enough to be transferred to their family doctor, so it is unclear if there will be sufficient demand for telemedicine consultation to keep it going. If there is sufficient need, I should be able to provide this service. I will continue to provide veteran evaluations on a contract basis in Palm Springs.
It has been especially moving to hear the outpouring of support and gratitude over the last 5 months. To have made a difference in so many lives has been most satisfying.
        (Most of this website contains treatment philosophy and information which I will leave intact.)

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